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Looking for Great Photos of Japan?

Several of my friends have captured the beauty of Japan and its people through photography… Enjoy browsing through their sites. If you use any of their photos, please give credit. People, Cars, Artistic Shots & Everyday Life in Japan by Andrew Benton A young American man from Kobe, Andrew uses professional DSLR cameras to capture wonderful images of his adopted country. He has extensive knowledge of the technical side (equipment) and knows how to use it. Andrew is an intern on […]

Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Disaster: How Can I Help?

A major disaster like Typhoon Haiyan is an opportunity to respond with compassion to people in desperate need. There are two primary ways to help, go as a volunteer or send money to aid organizations so they can act on our behalf. Few of us can go to the Philippines as volunteers. Most of us can send money. Please consider supporting the Philippines at this time. The need is huge. “Could you send me some good group to give to~ […]

CAN the Gospel Be Uniquely Japanese?

“CAN the Gospel Be Uniquely Japanese?” is a bad question. The Good News cannot be “owned” by any one culture. However, the gospel can be expressed in culturally appropriate ways. That was the goal of the music video we made of Taiko (traditional Japanese drums) and Japanese “Black Gospel” music (in Japan gospel music is commonly referred to as “Black Gospel”). The Genesis of the idea for this video was a conversation I had many years ago with my good […]