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Christmas in Japan is full of Surprises

Celebrating Christmas in Japan is very different than the way we did it in Kerkhoven, Minnesota when I was a kid.  Here are a few surprising aspects of Christmas in Japan: Public Christmas decorations are common and they look more or less the same as in the West. Illuminated displays are VERY popular, drawing large crowds to certain sites. One Christian conference center — Megumi Chalet in Karuizawa — has made the most of that with a large display on […]

Christmas Music in Japanese & English: The Caroling Collection

I am delighted to present my good friend Gary Bauman’s wonderful resource The Caroling Collection. We have used it in many situations: corporate worship, for English classes, Christmas parties, for caroling and for singing together at home. I heartily recommend it! Gary is offering the following promotion this month: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Caroling Collection, available as both a songbook and a matching CD, includes thirty-two Christmas standards — almost an hour of Christmas listening in both Japanese and English. These are sung either a cappella or to light accompaniment. (To listen […]

“Christmas The Story of Hope” — A Resource for Sharing the Gospel with Japanese

OneHope Japan is offering an exciting new resource for reaching out to Japanese through visual story — “Christmas The Story of Hope.” See below for more information on the booklet and how to order. While the target audience of this booklet is teenagers, I believe that this colorful booklet will be well received by Japanese of all ages. Christmas The Story of Hope is an ideal “door prize” type of gift for Christmas events targeting Japanese.  And, it is free […]