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A DVD of Innovative Visual Stories for Outreach to Japanese

Visual story is a powerful way to touch people’s hearts. Paper Flower & Junction Film Series DVD is a valuable visual story resource for outreach in Japan. A collection of seven short films that address current social issues in Japanese society, all of the films on this DVD are original narrative films shot on location in Japan. Paper Flower is the longest short on the DVD. This film by has been screened at many film festivals and won numerous awards. The trailer is […]

Organs and Choirs? Aren’t They A Thing of the Past?

Yes, choirs and organs are from the past. And, there is much from the past that is full of wonder. Last week I attended the worship service at Hollywood Presbyterian Church. The old fashioned choir and organ at this historic church in LA spoke to me. I felt that there was something transcendent about both the choir and the organ. I can’t explain it.   The organ was played with incredible skill but there was also a great deal of […]

Creationism Vs. Evolution: A Biblical Perspective for Japan

This week’s debate between evolutionist Bill Nye and creationist Ken Ham prompted me to think about this issue in relation to missions in Japan. “Do you reject evolution and believe that a god created the world and everything in it?” Is a question I have been asked by sincere Japanese seekers wanting to understand the Bible. How would you respond? The issue of what to teach about creation is something every missionary in Japan (and around the world) must deal with. The […]