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Digital Strategies of Outreach: Two Questions

The goal of the Indigitous conference in Hong Kong (April 10 – 12) is to, “Collaborate with other creatives to share, inspire, and create digital strategies to help reach your world.” I’ll be there to do a TED style presentation. The presentation I’ve prepared is, “An Incarnational Paradigm.” To help me understand the issues better I would really like to have your input on a couple of questions. First question: I’ve heard some Christians have no use for digital strategies […]

Is Japan Postmodern?

…the postmodern is primarily a phenomenon of Western culture. One cannot speak of the postmodern without first speaking of modernity and modernism, for it is from within Western culture that the modern view of the world has arisen. The postmodern is, therefore, a movement which has arisen in reaction to the modernism of Western civilization. (Daniel J. Adams) The popular terms “modern” and “postmodern” are grounded in Western history and culture. So when visitors to Japan look around and say Japan […]

How Japan’s Historic Disaster Changed The Volunteers

When something terrible happens, “Why did it happen?” is a question that haunts many of us. Most of the time, it is impossible to find a satisfactory answer to the “why?” question. However, “How can I find meaning in this difficult situation?” IS a question that can lead us to someday, somehow, find meaning in even the worst tragedy. The huge disaster that struck Japan on March 11, 2011 directly affected me and my family. My wife, daughter and I […]

Makoto Fujimura: Finding God Through Art (Beauty)

“I realized that I didn’t have a place, a shelf in my heart, to hold that beauty,”  are a few of the wonderful words that Makoto Fujimura speaks in the video embedded below, “Finding God Through Art.” Fujimura is both an outstanding artist and a theologian. He is articulate about what he does as well as why he does it, which makes Mako a very important spokesperson for artists who identify themselves as Christians. I encourage you to watch this video. […]

Is it contradictory to be Japanese and a Follower of Jesus?

I’m at the Reaching Japanese for Christ conference in Seattle, WA. Dr. Daniel Kikawa is presenting on “Why is Culture So Important To People Accepting the Gospel?” Kikawa is an activist scholar from Hawaii passionate about contextualizing the gospel for unreached people groups. A fourth generation Japanese/American, Kikawa is particularly interested in Japan. He produced “God’s Fingerprints in Japan” — an excellent documentary that addresses the question, “Is it contradictory to be Japanese and a Follower of Jesus? Kikawa has repeatedly […]