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Easter from the Perspective of Japanese Samurai Culture

Contextualizing the gospel to Japan’s ancient and proud culture is a crucial issue. This week’s JapanCAN post is a link to an article by Steve Sakanashi. In an email Sakanashi wrote, “Since this weekend is Easter, and most Japanese people have no idea why it is a holiday, I wrote a letter to explain it through Japanese samurai culture.” To read Sakanashi’s article click on the following title: Bushido, Seppuku, and the Shameful Death of Jesus Christ Thanks Steve for putting thought and effort […]

Digital Outreach: An Incarnational Paradigm

“The big hub-bub, (the drama), the $64,000.00 question for digital ministry is: where is all the fruit – eg new believers who became disciples who got plugged into a church that we can name, track and see multiply. People are tired of counting clicks that don’t translate into real people in a real Church.” (what one leader posted on Facebook). I too have felt frustrated by a lack of results. Just as there are very few children born without real […]