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Awareness of Of Our Brokenness Leads to Creativity

“The most-celebrated musical composition, the most-noted painting and sculpture, and the most-read books are often direct expressions of the human awareness of brokenness.” Henry Nouwen From the book “Life of the Beloved” Why do we have such a hard time admitting that we are broken, needy people? How can we learn to embrace our brokenness?

In Japan’s Disaster Zone Christians Called “Jesus Person”

When disaster struck Japan in March of 2011, the church in Japan responded by mobilizing thousands of volunteers. The volunteers from Japan and around the world, often working alongside local pastors, delivered supplies, set up mobile cafes, and did hard dirty work like cleaning mud from under homes. Volunteers also did music, held art classes, handed out literature, gave hand massages, smiled at people, and prayed for survivors. The volunteers were an incredibly positive presence in the midst of a broken […]

3 Reasons Japanese Should See Aronofsky’s “Noah”

“Noah” will be released in Japan on June 13, 2014 Controversy has swirled around the “Noah” epic with many Christians denouncing it. While the film takes liberties, there is good reason to take your Japanese friends to see it. 1. “Noah” includes one of the best portrayals of the creation story on film. Years ago retired TEAM missionary John Schwab said to me, “when you teach Japanese the Bible, start in Genesis!!” This makes perfect sense as Genesis is the […]

A Change of Course

Have you experienced a change of course in life? I have. Eight years ago we collaborated with Biola University on making a film called Mujo No Kaze (“Wind of Impermanence”) — a short film we shot on location in Japan. That film project changed the course of my life… I saw the potential for using visual media to reach Japan for Christ. After that first film I was part of making a number of short films including Jitensha (“Bicycle”). Consequently, […]