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A Volunteer in Japan Realizes “Small Things” Matter

After Japan’s massive earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster in 2011 Alecia Talent was one of thousands of Christians who responded by volunteering. I asked Alecia to write about her experience for JapanCAN.   We often have little patience for the small things of life. The birds singing, the smile of a stranger, a conversation…these happen everyday, uncelebrated, unnoticed. The larger things, the great exploits of man and nature are what command our attention and fill our late night aspirations. We spend every day learning about […]

Atonement in Ancient and Modern Japan

In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness. (Hebrews 9:22, NIV) The belief that setting things right requires sacrifice is deeply embedded in the hearts and minds of humans. In Japanese culture, from ancient times, atonement is found through ritualistic sacrifice. These rituals are redemptive analogies that point to Jesus and his death on the cross. <p> </p> While Westerners tend to think of “sin” as guilt […]

Why Are So Many Christians Afraid of Hollywood Bible Movies?

This year two Hollywood films — “Noah” and “Exodus:Gods and Kings” — will expose millions of people around the world to stories inspired by the Bible. How will we respond?  What do you think about Cole Nesmith’s perspective as expressed in his article, “Why Are So Many Christians Afraid of Hollywood Bible Movies?” Please post your comments! Related post:3 REASONS JAPANESE SHOULD SEE ARONOFSKY’S “NOAH”

6 Ways to Contextualize Worship to Japan

“Worship is the heart and pulse of the Christian church. In worship we celebrate together God’s gracious gifts of creation and salvation, and are strengthened to live in response to God’s grace. Worship always involves actions, not merely words. To consider worship is to consider music, art, and architecture, as well as liturgy and preaching. The reality that Christian worship is always celebrated in a given local cultural setting draws our attention to the dynamics between worship and the world’s many […]