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Don’t Become a Missionary to Meet a Need

Become a missionary because you are called, passionate, and have something to offer. Ten years ago I went through a dark period of depression. It was dreadful. I am so thankful that Nancy insisted we get help. Counseling helped. Both of us learned a lot. Career testing indicated that working full-time with Japan CAN (Christians in the Arts Network) would be a much better “fit” for us. We asked our mission for a full-time assignment to JapanCAN. Not long after […]

Landslides in Hiroshima: An Interview with Jonathan Wilson

This week’s post is an interview with Jonathan Wilson, President and founder of CRASH Japan. A Tokyo based NPO, CRASH equips and prepares churches and missions to be ready to respond effectively when disaster strikes. When disasters happen, CRASH mobilizes Christian volunteers to work with churches and other local ministries. I’ve known Jonathan for many years and have a deep appreciation for his vision and leadership. The huge disaster that hit Japan in March, 2011 gave opportunity to work directly under […]

Desire for Redemption Driving up Japan’s Suicide Rate?

The tragic death of Robin Williams has millions of people around the world thinking about suicide. Japan’s suicide rate is… among the highest in the world. There have been about 30,000 suicides in the country every year over the last decade (Wall Street Journal).  Several Japanese friends of mine are living with the intense grief, guilt, and shame that plagues survivors of suicide. The large number of suicides in Japan is a personal and a national tragedy. The Wall Street Journal […]

Contextualization of the Gospel in Japan: An Interview with Dr. Samuel Lee

An interview with Dr. Samuel C. Lee author of the recent book The Japanese and Christianity: Why Is Christianity Not Widely Believed in Japan? JapanCAN: What is the essence of contextualization? Dr. Lee: Contextualization concerns presenting the Gospel within the context of its host or receiving culture. Many people think that contextualization involves culture only, but this is not the case. Terms such as inculturation or indigenization are often used synonymously with contextualization. Contextualization refers to a broader spectrum that not only […]

An Interview with “Culture Care” Author Makoto Fujimura

The current condition of the river of culture is not be one that “makes life worth living.”  The river is tainted with so much de-humanizing elements, that it is hard for us, not just artists but ALL people to see through the darkness.  So this book is designed for those who do not consider themselves to be artists as well as to those “endangered” species of cultural environment called artists. (Makoto Fujimura) <p> </p> “Everyone can be a gardener of culture!” […]