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A Gift for JapanCAN

To Give Online: CLICK HERE, and follow the instructions.  Thanks very much for being part of the JapanCAN “blog community.” My wife Nancy and I have served in Japan for over 27 years as career missionaries with TEAM. I (Paul) write the posts for JapanCAN and Nancy edits them. Our vision is to provide valuable resources and information for those around the world who care about Japan and want to see the Gospel thrive here. One of our passions is contextualization of […]

Beauty from Ashes, Hope from Despair

“Beauty from Ashes, Hope from Despair” is the title of a recent blog post written by Todd Fong. Todd was part of the film crew that traveled six hours north of Tokyo to capture footage for “Finding Beauty in the Rubble” — a short film we plan to release next year. “Finding Beauty in the Rubble” will tell the story of Mrs. Fukuoka and how she found hope and healing after the huge tsunami in 2011 wiped out her neighborhood. […]

We Have Come to Worship Him: Advent Message by Nancy Nethercott

Two members of KBF — my home church in Tokyo — died recently. Pastor Gaius Berg remarked, “for 12 years we had no funerals, this year we have had three.” On December 7, 2014 my wife Nancy spoke at KBF. The death of church members and the hope of Christmas are woven into her message. I trust that Nancy’s Advent message “We Have Come to Worship Him” is an encouragement to many. Scripture Passage: Matthew 2:1-12 A few weeks ago, […]

Masamichi Imai: A Life Full of Burdens, Friendship, & Hope

Mr. Imai was an extraordinary Japanese man whose faith encouraged all those who knew him. I came to know Mr. Imai because he was part of Kurume Bible Fellowship, my church in Tokyo. I trust that you are encouraged by the beautiful story of Mr. Imai told by our mutual friend, Yoshitaka Satoh. ::::: Masamichi Imai: A Life Full of Burdens, Friendship, & Hope ::::: (Scroll down for a Japanese version of the story) At 3:15 a.m. on October 14, […]