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Finding Beauty in the Rubble: A Tsunami Survivor Tells Her Story

(See below for Japanese version of this post) The 2 Criminals film crew is pleased to release Finding Beauty in the Rubble! A short documentary featuring Mrs. Fukuoka, a remarkable lady who survived the huge tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. Mrs. Fukuoka’s home and most of her neighborhood was washed away by the tsunami. Many of her neighbors died. After the disaster, Mrs. Fukuoka found meaning and hope by making jewelry from “sea glass” debris found on the beach. […]

30 Things You Only See in Japan!

This week’s post is a link to a fun and informative post on a site called Tsunagu Japan. The post is a list (with photos) of 30 things that are pretty much unique to Japan. Take a look! If you think of other things that are unique to life in Japan, please leave a comment. 30 unexpected things you can only see in Japan The Tsunagu Japan site is an excellent resource with LOTS of helpful information on Japan.    

3 Misconceptions About Japan

It takes many years of concerted effort to learn the language and culture of Japan. Even for dedicated learners, Japan can feel like a room with smoke and mirrors… Confusing, and hard to navigate. For newcomers, it is very easy to jump to the wrong conclusions. Here are some misconceptions I’ve heard from visitors to Japan: 1. “Japanese aren’t emotional.” The culture values being in control of one’s emotions so Japanese express emotion sparingly or in ways that are hard […]

Mr. Shiraishi’s Story of Pain & Hope

(See below for Japanese version) Mr. Shiraishi and his wife Hideko are delightful people, warm and friendly. They attend Kurume Bible Fellowship (KBF), which is also our home church in Tokyo. Mr. Shiraishi’s story of hope: At the beginning of October I was taken to the hospital due to an acute pain in my back. During my two month long stay in the hospital, I received many visits and prayers, and words of encouragement from many of you (at my church). […]