3 Resources: Pray for Japan

Traveling in the disaster zone after Japan’s giant earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in 2011 I saw “Pray for Japan” on billboards, t-shirts, in shops, on homemade signs; the cry for prayer was everywhere. I was impressed and encouraged that so many Japanese acknowledged the need for help from a Higher Power. Pray that multitudes of Japanese come to know the Creator God — made known by the Bible — who gives genuine comfort and hope.

“Pray for Japan” was also all over the Internet with millions of people around the world praying. Since then, many have forgotten… Let’s continue to remember Japan, to pray for this great country that was hit hard on March 11, 2011 and continues to struggle with recovery and spiritual darkness.

Below are 3 resources to help you remember and pray for Japan:

  1. An incredible collection of 48 photos taken shortly after the disaster in March of 2011: 5 Years Since the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
  2. USA Today post: Ceremonies, silence mark 5th anniversary of Japan tsunami
  3. Original song: Kat McDowell – 3.11 Official Music & lyric video

Please Pray for Japan!

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