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Roger Lowther and his team at Community Arts Tokyo are putting on a wonderful event in October. HIDDEN BEAUTY will take place in Tokyo on October 14, 2017. See below for detailed information in English and Japanese. 10月14日 (土) 13時 – 17時 Saturday, October 14, 1 pm – 5 pm プレゼンテーション、ミュージック、ギャラリー、スモール・グループなど!        Speaker presentations, music performances, gallery exhibits, small group discussions, and more! ギャラリー 12時 – 18時 ドレスデザイン、絵、写真、コースターなど、たくさんのアート作品の展示 Gallery 12 pm – 6 pm Fashion design, paintings, photography, coasters, as well as books and […]

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Bach Festival: Tokyo Event

Our friends at Community Arts Tokyo are putting on a BACH FESTIVAL in Tokyo!  See details below. Did you know that Bach’s music is popular in Japan? Did you know that Bach’s music is influencing Japanese to know and follow Jesus?  See “How Bach’s Music Evangelized Japan.” (Note: I strongly disagree with the statement in this article that Japan is a “secular country” — while most Japanese identify themselves as “no religion” almost without exception Japanese are extremely spiritual. The […]

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The Power of Christian Storytelling

I (Paul Nethercott) am Associate Producer for The Hound of Heaven: A Modern Adaptation. A short film based on a classic poem by Francis Thompson, The Hound of Heaven will screen today (February 25, 2017) at Real to Reel Film Festival in Winnipeg, Canada. My father helped start a church in Winnipeg and I was born not far from there so this event brings me great joy. Sadly, I am not able to attend the film festival. The Story of Francis Thompson’s Poetic Masterpiece C. […]

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BROKEN: 傷ついた世界 (Art Festival in Tokyo)

BROKEN: 傷ついた世界

Speaker presentations, music performances, dance, drama, short films, gallery exhibits, small group discussions, and more!

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One Way Ministries produced a beautiful PRAYERCAST for Japan video. Please watch, pray, and share this valuable resource! Several years ago Elizabeth Lind from One Way Ministries reached out to me and asked for help with a “prayercast” video on Japan. I was happy to consult on the video and connect a couple of people with Elizabeth who could help with the production. Recently, I finally got to meet her at the One Way Ministries office near Chicago. I was […]

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Responding to Kumamoto Quake Disaster in Japan: 3 Ways to Help

On April 17, 2016 CRASH Founder Jonathan Wilson posted the following update: My advice for Christians who want to help. Wait for the rescue work to finish, let the military and government do their jobs, and aim for the next part of the task. There are three main roles that volunteers can do well. 1. Cleaning up – there will be a lot of clean up work to do that requires manual labor. Work with local churches to volunteer to […]

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3 Resources: Pray for Japan

Pray for Japan!

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The Missionary Podcast

While in Tokyo last summer I had the privilege of recording the 1st episode of The Missionary Podcast (TMP). Founded by Jonas Davison, TMP is “a space for missionaries to share their stories of God’s work, and connect with Christians all over the world.” I was impressed with Davison. He came to the interview well-prepared, asked great questions, and used quality recording equipment that he knows how to operate. Davison saw a need and responded, “After several years of working closely […]

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Watch what happens to a country when 50 percent of its adults stop having sex. “I am scared for the future of my children and my country,” one Japanese father told CBN News. Inside the Pacific island nation, more people are now dying than being born. “We are dealing with an unprecedented situation,” says Japan’s leading population expert. “No other country in the world is facing such a crisis.” In this exclusive report from Tokyo, we reveal the shocking consequences of […]

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Letting Go. Moving Ahead.

A family move from Tokyo to Chicago, Illinois in January of this year has precipitated many changes. Soon after our move I realized that I have the opportunity to build something new. One of those golden opportunities to restart, to build a new initiative that will impact many in a positive way. I’ve invited a number of key leaders and friends to give me input. I’m very excited about the new direction. Seizing new opportunities requires that I let go of […]

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Are There Fingerprints of God in Buddhism?

Mission Frontiers — a respected magazine published by the US Center for World Mission in Pasadena, CA — created a stir when they wrote that biblical truth found in Buddhism is a means of leading Bhuddists to Jesus. A portion of the Mission Frontiers article is below: Do we actually believe what Paul wrote that God’s “eternal power and divine nature— have been clearly seen” (Rom 1:20, NIV)? How does this apply to Buddhism? Can we find eternal and divine […]

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Can Beauty Communicate God’s Love for Japan?

“Beauty is the hard-to-define essence that draws people to the gospel.” (David Taylor) “No synonym for God is so perfect as Beauty. Whether as seen carving the lines of the mountains with glaciers, or gathering matter into stars, or planning the movements of water, or gardening – still all is Beauty!” (John Muir) “We do not want merely to see beauty… we want something else which can hardly be put into words- to be united with the beauty we see, […]

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An Interview with ChildD Ministry Director Joyce Inouye

Joyce Inouye lives in Southern California and is a certified Learning Disabilities Specialist. Joyce pioneered the “Special Needs Institute” of the Southern California Association of Christian Schools International, has taught at La Verne University and presently teaches online courses for the graduate school of Fresno Pacific University. She also has a private practice called, Christian Educational Therapy. In 2012 Joyce began making trips to Japan to bring help, information, and hope to the learning disabled and to their families. I met her on […]

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The Unseen Face of Japan: Crucial Reading For Students of Japanese Culture

“Japanese tastes in cars, technology and leisure profoundly affect how we think and what we buy. But who are the Japanese? To the outsider Japan has made the switch to a Western lifestyle – to Western materialism – in the space of a few generations. But in fact Japan remains profoundly alien, a culture where ritual holds sway.” (Brotherhood Books) Paul Nethercott asked me to review The Unseen Face of Japan by David C. Lewis. Since my husband and I […]

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Finding Beauty in the Rubble: A Tsunami Survivor Tells Her Story

(See below for Japanese version of this post) The 2 Criminals film crew is pleased to release Finding Beauty in the Rubble! A short documentary featuring Mrs. Fukuoka, a remarkable lady who survived the huge tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. Mrs. Fukuoka’s home and most of her neighborhood was washed away by the tsunami. Many of her neighbors died. After the disaster, Mrs. Fukuoka found meaning and hope by making jewelry from “sea glass” debris found on the beach. […]

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30 Things You Only See in Japan!

This week’s post is a link to a fun and informative post on a site called Tsunagu Japan. The post is a list (with photos) of 30 things that are pretty much unique to Japan. Take a look! If you think of other things that are unique to life in Japan, please leave a comment. 30 unexpected things you can only see in Japan The Tsunagu Japan site is an excellent resource with LOTS of helpful information on Japan.    

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3 Misconceptions About Japan

It takes many years of concerted effort to learn the language and culture of Japan. Even for dedicated learners, Japan can feel like a room with smoke and mirrors… Confusing, and hard to navigate. For newcomers, it is very easy to jump to the wrong conclusions. Here are some misconceptions I’ve heard from visitors to Japan: 1. “Japanese aren’t emotional.” The culture values being in control of one’s emotions so Japanese express emotion sparingly or in ways that are hard […]

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Mr. Shiraishi’s Story of Pain & Hope

(See below for Japanese version) Mr. Shiraishi and his wife Hideko are delightful people, warm and friendly. They attend Kurume Bible Fellowship (KBF), which is also our home church in Tokyo. Mr. Shiraishi’s story of hope: At the beginning of October I was taken to the hospital due to an acute pain in my back. During my two month long stay in the hospital, I received many visits and prayers, and words of encouragement from many of you (at my church). […]

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Departures: A “Must See” Film Reviewed by Alecia Tallent

As a means of gaining insight into Japanese culture, I highly recommend Departures. For anyone who cares about Japan this is a “must see” film. (Paul Nethercott) Recently, I (Alecia Tallent) had the privilege of watching Yojiro Takita’s movie, Departures. Winner of the 2009 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, as well as Best Film, Actor, Director, Sound, Screenplay, and Cinematography at the 2009 Japanese Academy Awards. This simple yet powerful film follows the life of cellist Daigo Kobayashi who is newly married […]

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Finding Beauty in the Rubble: Please Join our Crowd-sourcing Campaign

Please go HERE to join our crowd-sourcing campaign and be a part of making the short hope-filled documentary, “Finding Beauty in the Rubble.” Act soon, the campaign will end on March 21, 2015.   A segment from the film (unfinished): “Finding Beauty in the Rubble” is a short documentary film about Mrs. Fukuoka, a humble housewife whose home was washed away by the tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011. Mrs. Fukuoka barely escaped the rushing waters that took away her home […]

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