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Departures: A “Must See” Film Reviewed by Alecia Tallent

As a means of gaining insight into Japanese culture, I highly recommend Departures. For anyone who cares about Japan this is a “must see” film. (Paul Nethercott) Recently, I (Alecia Tallent) had the privilege of watching Yojiro Takita’s movie, Departures. Winner of the 2009 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, as well as Best Film, Actor, Director, Sound, Screenplay, and Cinematography at the 2009 Japanese Academy Awards. This simple yet powerful film follows the life of cellist Daigo Kobayashi who is newly married […]

Tokyo Godfathers: A Review by Frank Daugherity

This week’s post is a review of the animated film Tokyo Godfathers. Watching a mainstream film like Tokyo Godfathers is an effective way to gain insight into life in Japan. This is not a movie for children. If you can’t stand any offensive language or seeing aspects of the dark side of life, don’t watch it. The review is by Frank Daugherity. I’ve been in touch with Frank — on Facebook — since 2011 when he volunteered with CRASH Japan. About Frank: I was […]