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Roger Lowther and his team at Community Arts Tokyo are putting on a wonderful event in October. HIDDEN BEAUTY will take place in Tokyo on October 14, 2017. See below for detailed information in English and Japanese. 10月14日 (土) 13時 – 17時 Saturday, October 14, 1 pm – 5 pm プレゼンテーション、ミュージック、ギャラリー、スモール・グループなど!        Speaker presentations, music performances, gallery exhibits, small group discussions, and more! ギャラリー 12時 – 18時 ドレスデザイン、絵、写真、コースターなど、たくさんのアート作品の展示 Gallery 12 pm – 6 pm Fashion design, paintings, photography, coasters, as well as books and […]

BROKEN: 傷ついた世界 (Art Festival in Tokyo)

BROKEN: 傷ついた世界

Speaker presentations, music performances, dance, drama, short films, gallery exhibits, small group discussions, and more!

Christians Making an Impact in Japan’s Disaster Zone: Report from Janet Kunnecke

Four years after Japan was hit hard by a massive earthquake, it is amazing how Christians continue to respond to the needs of survivors. One of our good friends, veteran SEND missionary Janet Kunnecke, recently presented a workshop on communication for a group living in Ishinomaki, a city that was devastated by the tsunami. Here is Janet’s report, I was invited to do a workshop on communication — focusing on listening well — at a house church on the coast near Sendai. […]

Finding Beauty in the Rubble of Japan’s Mega-Disaster: Documentary Marks 4th Anniversary

“A crown of beauty for ashes.”  Isaiah 61 “Finding Beauty in the Rubble” is a documentary film about Mrs. Fukuoka, a humble housewife whose home was washed away by the tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011. Shot on location in northern Japan, our documentary will show how Mrs. Fukuoka has found hope and meaning by making beautiful jewelry out of debris from the tsunami. There are several reasons we are making this film: We want to encourage and bless […]

The “First Lady” of Japan Visits Church in Tokyo

Todd Fong, my friend and colleague on the 2 Criminals film project, posted on his blog that Akie Abe, the wife of Japan’s current Prime Minister, visited Biblical Church of Tokyo. Mrs. Abe was at the church to connect with volunteers at Wheelchairs of Hope (WOH), an NPO that uses space in the church building. Founded by World Venture missionary Mary Esther Penner, “Wheelchairs of Hope refurbishes used wheelchairs in Japan and distributes them throughout Asia, providing mobility, new life and hope.” I asked […]

Kenji Goto: Journalist, Jesus Follower, Humanitarian

On Sunday, Feb 1st Kenji Goto — a Japanese journalist known  for his courage and integrity — was brutally killed in Syria by ISIS. ISIS killed Kenji Goto for reasons only they could explain. However, it appears that ISIS was upset by financial aid that Japan had recently given to groups who oppose ISIS. Apparently, Goto became a pawn that ISIS used to intimidate the government of Japan. So, who was Goto? What was he really like? What does his […]

Tokyo’s SonRise Café Celebrates 5 Years

For 5 years SonRise Café has been a place in Tokyo — one of the world’s great cities — where people connect with each other and with God. A place of hospitality that offers good food, music, and friendship. Below is an interview with the leader of SonRise Café, veteran TEAM Japan missionary Owen Ames. JapanCAN: Tell us about SonRise. Ames: SonRise Café opened its doors to the public on October 17th 2009 in Oyama, Itabashi ku. Just 5 minutes by train from […]

A DVD of Innovative Visual Stories for Outreach to Japanese

Visual story is a powerful way to touch people’s hearts. Paper Flower & Junction Film Series DVD is a valuable visual story resource for outreach in Japan. A collection of seven short films that address current social issues in Japanese society, all of the films on this DVD are original narrative films shot on location in Japan. Paper Flower is the longest short on the DVD. This film by has been screened at many film festivals and won numerous awards. The trailer is […]

What Can We Do About Japan’s Suicide Problem?

Suicide has deeply affected me and my family… When my father was a young man his beloved Uncle killed himself. The death of my dad’s Uncle was a heavy blow to my dad and to the rest of the family. Forty years later I spent many hours talking about what happened with my dad. My dad was finally ready to talk. It was a special time of connecting with him and incredibly good for both of us. A few years […]

Is There Any Hope for Japan?

Many popular books portray Japan as a dark place with a bleak future. For over 25 years I have lived and worked in Japan as a missionary. I’ve spent countless hours studying the language and the culture.  Many of my best friends are Japanese. While I can see a dark side of Japan (every nation and culture has one) I choose to not focus on it. And, I see much that is positive in this great nation. There is hope for […]

Christmas in Japan is full of Surprises

Celebrating Christmas in Japan is very different than the way we did it in Kerkhoven, Minnesota when I was a kid.  Here are a few surprising aspects of Christmas in Japan: Public Christmas decorations are common and they look more or less the same as in the West. Illuminated displays are VERY popular, drawing large crowds to certain sites. One Christian conference center — Megumi Chalet in Karuizawa — has made the most of that with a large display on […]

“Christmas The Story of Hope” — A Resource for Sharing the Gospel with Japanese

OneHope Japan is offering an exciting new resource for reaching out to Japanese through visual story — “Christmas The Story of Hope.” See below for more information on the booklet and how to order. While the target audience of this booklet is teenagers, I believe that this colorful booklet will be well received by Japanese of all ages. Christmas The Story of Hope is an ideal “door prize” type of gift for Christmas events targeting Japanese.  And, it is free […]

Looking for Great Photos of Japan?

Several of my friends have captured the beauty of Japan and its people through photography… Enjoy browsing through their sites. If you use any of their photos, please give credit. People, Cars, Artistic Shots & Everyday Life in Japan by Andrew Benton A young American man from Kobe, Andrew uses professional DSLR cameras to capture wonderful images of his adopted country. He has extensive knowledge of the technical side (equipment) and knows how to use it. Andrew is an intern on […]

Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Disaster: How Can I Help?

A major disaster like Typhoon Haiyan is an opportunity to respond with compassion to people in desperate need. There are two primary ways to help, go as a volunteer or send money to aid organizations so they can act on our behalf. Few of us can go to the Philippines as volunteers. Most of us can send money. Please consider supporting the Philippines at this time. The need is huge. “Could you send me some good group to give to~ […]

CAN the Gospel Be Uniquely Japanese?

“CAN the Gospel Be Uniquely Japanese?” is a bad question. The Good News cannot be “owned” by any one culture. However, the gospel can be expressed in culturally appropriate ways. That was the goal of the music video we made of Taiko (traditional Japanese drums) and Japanese “Black Gospel” music (in Japan gospel music is commonly referred to as “Black Gospel”). The Genesis of the idea for this video was a conversation I had many years ago with my good […]

Michio Nagata: A Young Artist Makes His Mark in Japan’s Disaster Zone

While doing disaster relief for CRASH Japan I got in touch with a young man named Michio Nagata. Michio is doing stellar work creating videos documenting the ongoing recovery work in Japan’s disaster zone. Two of my favorite Michio videos are “Lemon Aid” and “Saori:” LEMON AID from michio nagata on Vimeo. Special Saori from michio nagata on Vimeo. Michio handles a camera with great sensitivity and his ability to tell a story while setting a strong mood is impressive. […]

Tokyo AiR: A Unique Missions Opportunity for Artists in Japan

Japan CAN’s Tokyo AiR (Artist-in-Residence) program is a unique short term mission program in Japan. Tokyo AiR is an opportunity for serious artists to utilize their gifts and abilities to build up the church and engage not-yet-Christians with the Gospel. We are looking for select candidates who have a strong understanding of who they are as people and what God has called them to do creatively (see “qualifications” below). Qualifications: 1. Well-grounded faith in Jesus and connected with a local […]

Worship Symposium Series & Conference

The “Worship Symposium Series & Conference” will have its first event in Tokyo on Sunday evening, October 28, 2012. A collaboration involving MTW Artist-In-Residence missionary Roger Lowther and a number of others, JapanCAN is very pleased to have a small part in making it happen.  On October 28 Mika (Tsuneda) Takana and Nancy Nethercott will teach on the theme of “Worship & The Word of God.” Worship Symposium Series & Conference Join us on October 28 in Meguro, Tokyo! Community Arts […]