A Change of Course

Have you experienced a change of course in life?

I have. Eight years ago we collaborated with Biola University on making a film called Mujo No Kaze (“Wind of Impermanence”) — a short film we shot on location in Japan. That film project changed the course of my life… I saw the potential for using visual media to reach Japan for Christ.

After that first film I was part of making a number of short films including Jitensha (“Bicycle”). Consequently, filmmaking became the primary focus of my mission work in Japan.

My work for CRASH after Japan’s huge disaster in March of 2011 was related to filmmaking. After completing my full-time work with CRASH at the end of 2012, I started working on a feature-length film titled 2 Criminals. The immense scope of this project highlighted my need for more training.

Act One Class 2014
Act One Class 2014

Thus, I am thrilled to tell you that I have been accepted into the summer 2014 Act One Producing & Entertainment Executive Program in Los Angeles, CA. This program “offers a comprehensive overview of the industry, access to established Hollywood professionals and a highly coveted internship where practical industry experience is gained. Act One, exists to create a community of Christian professionals for the entertainment industry who are committed to artistry, professionalism, meaning, and prayer, so that through their lives and work they may be witnesses of Christ and the Truth to their fellow artists and to the global culture.” I am excited and thankful to be part of this program! I anticipate gaining knowledge, experience, and access to a large network of Christian professionals working in the film industry.

How will being at Act One in LA for the summer affect the 2 Criminals Film project?

The challenges of making a feature-length film are significant. The Act One program will give me a boost in my knowledge of the craft and connect me with people who can give me advice. And, Los Angeles is a strategic location for networking with people who can help us get our film made.

How long will you be in LA?

May 25 – August 18



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