Digital Strategies of Outreach: Two Questions

Indigitous Hong KongThe goal of the Indigitous conference in Hong Kong (April 10 – 12) is to, “Collaborate with other creatives to share, inspire, and create digital strategies to help reach your world.” I’ll be there to do a TED style presentation. The presentation I’ve prepared is, “An Incarnational Paradigm.”

To help me understand the issues better I would really like to have your input on a couple of questions.

First question: I’ve heard some Christians have no use for digital strategies for outreach. What would be the reasons that people might give for that opposition?

Second question: What might be the keys to getting churches and pastors to embrace and utilize digitally based outreach?

The JapanCAN blog post next week will explain my presentation topic, “An Incarnational Paradigm.”


7 thoughts on “Digital Strategies of Outreach: Two Questions

  1. I see the same thing quite often in language education. The lack of use of technology is mainly due to lack of familiarity, not wanting to go through the trouble of implementing something new when there is already something old, or not having a degree of technological skill. I look forward to seeing the presentation.

  2. Paul, you know what my answer to question number one is! As for number two, I would say that you should look for the right churches. I know there are some out there so ask your friends and The Lord to give you direction. Christians in general are paranoid of new and what they don’t know. (I know, a great generalization). I think you don’t have enough time or energy to do your work and change peoples minds at the same time, so do your work. Your work will actually change the minds of some. If you want, I would be glad to give you an introduction at my church. We have several Hollywood connections in our family. Peter is there as well and could help you with some. He is good friends with a family with direct and deep roots into the industry.

  3. I think there is a lack of understanding. Both in how the target audience can be reached and how to implement the technology.

    Also many business ppl think they should probaly use social media to promote, but don’t feel like they have time for another task or to learn somthing new.
    Church leaders are pretty much the same and often fall behind business leaders in tech use.

    Until something becomes a pain point many are reluctant to do anything.

  4. I don’t think Christians really mean they have no use for digital strategies. I think they are scared and confused by it. I believe God has given us some incredible means for reaching the unchurched as well as supporting and equipping the faithful and we had better use them all. Some Christians never embraced broadcast media either and I think that is a mistake. Even in my own church, my suggestions for postings on our website and Facebook page are met with surprise. Any time users of digital strategies can list a few examples and/or responses, they encourage and empower greater use of those means.

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