Finding Beauty in the Rubble of Japan’s Mega-Disaster: Documentary Marks 4th Anniversary

“A crown of beauty for ashes.”  Isaiah 61

“Finding Beauty in the Rubble” is a documentary film about Mrs. Fukuoka, a humble housewife whose home was washed away by the tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011. Shot on location in northern Japan, our documentary will show how Mrs. Fukuoka has found hope and meaning by making beautiful jewelry out of debris from the tsunami.

There are several reasons we are making this film:

  • We want to encourage and bless Mrs. Fukuoka help her by selling the gorgeous jewelry that she makes. In other words, making the film “Finding Beauty in the Rubble” is a way to reach out to Mrs. Fukuoka with the love of God.
  • The people of Japan are largely unreached with the Gospel. Like the parables of Jesus, we want Mrs. Fukuoka’s story to winsomely point Japanese in the direction of Jesus. We want to remind people around the world to Pray for Japan!
  • Thousands of survivors of Japan’s mega disaster are still living in temporary housing units and dealing with ongoing fear regarding radiation from the stricken power plant. Through this inspiring story of restoration we want to bring hope to the many other survivors.

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Mrs. Fukuoka, and her dog Kai

As part of her emotional healing process after the disaster, Mrs. Fukuoka would take walks on the beach with her dog Kai-kun, where she saw many artifacts from the tsunami, former pieces of people’s lives washed up on the beach. One item caught her attention: pieces of glass, broken by the destructive power of the tsunami. Polished by the sea and the sand, the broken pieces had become beautiful gem-like “Sea Glass.”

“Sea Glass” Found on the Beach (Photo by Todd Fong)

Mrs. Fukuoka began turning the found pieces of polished Sea Glass into jewelry that she gave to volunteers as thank-you gifts. We heard about Mrs. Fukuoka from Mika Takana (on the right in the photo below), a close friend who we’ve known for over 20 years. A musician, Mika has performed dozens of concerts for survivors of the disaster.

Mrs. Fukuoka, Kai, and Mika Takana (Photo by Todd Fong)

In November 2014, we traveled to Tohoku (the region of Japan hit hard by the disaster) to capture footage for “Finding Beauty in the Rubble.” Mrs. Fukuoka invited the five of us into her recently rebuilt home (see picture below) for coffee and snacks, and at the end of the day served us dinner. Her warmth and generosity captured our hearts.

Nancy Nethercott & Mrs. Fukuoka (Photo by Todd Fong)

It was sobering to see that the tsunami had washed away her entire neighborhood, killing many of her neighbors. We captured her story of survival and recovery, in her own beautiful words, along with footage of the area around her home.

The Tsunami Washed Away the Entire Neighborhood (Photo by Todd Fong)

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