Finding Beauty in the Rubble: Please Join our Crowd-sourcing Campaign

Please go HERE to join our crowd-sourcing campaign and be a part of making the short hope-filled documentary, “Finding Beauty in the Rubble.”

Act soon, the campaign will end on March 21, 2015.


A segment from the film (unfinished):

“Finding Beauty in the Rubble” is a short documentary film about Mrs. Fukuoka, a humble housewife whose home was washed away by the tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011. Mrs. Fukuoka barely escaped the rushing waters that took away her home and killed many of her neighbors.

Shot on location in northern Japan, our documentary will show how Mrs. Fukuoka has found hope and meaning by making beautiful jewelry out of debris from the tsunami.

If you back the film, you will receive “rewards” such as original jewelry made by Mrs. Fukuoka. Using “sea glass” polished by the same waters that destroyed her home and her entire neighborhood, Mrs. Fukuoka makes beautiful jewelry. Broken things become beautiful. What a great metaphor for life!

I love seeing my wife wear the gorgeous earring/necklace set that Mrs. Fukuoka made and gave to her. Seeing it brings back good memories of spending time with Mrs. Fukuoka in her home and on the beach nearby where she finds the sea glass.

Please go to the Campaign Page and back our project. And please use the “share” button to let your friends know.

We really need your help!

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