Finding Beauty in the Rubble: A Tsunami Survivor Tells Her Story

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The 2 Criminals film crew is pleased to release Finding Beauty in the Rubble! A short documentary featuring Mrs. Fukuoka, a remarkable lady who survived the huge tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.

Mrs. Fukuoka’s home and most of her neighborhood was washed away by the tsunami. Many of her neighbors died. After the disaster, Mrs. Fukuoka found meaning and hope by making jewelry from “sea glass” debris found on the beach.

IMG_0509Inspired by an ancient biblical prophesy that The Creator God would “give beauty instead of ashes” we want Finding Beauty in the Rubble to encourage and bring hope to many.

Please share this film with your friends! Feel free to download it and use it at any gathering you like.

I’m deeply grateful to the many people who were part of making this project happen. Mika Takana introduced us to Mrs. Fukuoka and helped the day of the interview. I want to thank the 2 Criminals film crew — Matthew T. Burns, Atsuko Tateishi, Todd Fong, Esther Yomoah, and Nancy Nethercott.

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