Why Indigitous Hong Kong Was Remarkable

The vision of the Indigitous movement is to connect people to Jesus using digital strategies. In April I attended Indigitous in Hong Kong where I gave a short presentation. I had a really good time at this conference, below I reflect on why I enjoyed it so much.  Attending meetings is part of my work as a missionary. Unfortunately, a majority of church and mission related meetings are lectures. The reality is that I get almost nothing out of meetings like that. A few years ago I finally realized why — my auditory learning mode is my weakest. In other words, listening to people talk is the least effective way for me to learn (please give me a manuscript instead, I can read it in a fraction of the time and I will retain it much better). Indigitous Hong Kong

My strongest learning style is probably visual. Movies, photos, and the beauty of nature capture my attention and I remember visuals far better than spoken words. My second strongest learning style is kinesthetic (movement of the body is part of the process). My first real job was in a small town grocery store. I thrived at that job because it was a learning through doing environment. My wonderful boss Dick Tornquist would first show me how to do something and then he would have me do it while he watched and gave direction. I learned to cut meat and other skills through this method. School however did not go so well because it was primarily a lecture based approach to education.

The leaders of Indigitous Hong Kong put together a remarkable program that worked well for visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners. I was impressed! This is the way conferences, and church meetings should be done. I loved the way visual media was utilized. And, there was over six hours of project time when we were divided into small affinity groups and told, “create something!” My group made a video which involved walking around shooting footage. The video turned out quite well, you can see it HERE.

We were a tribe of like-minded people who got to learn together in a way that suited them. Sadly, in my experience relatively few church meetings appeal to visual and kinesthetic learners. Kinesthetic and visual learners get frustrated. Eventually many give up and quit attending church. I believe that this is one reason so many believers in Japan leave the church.  Kudos to the Hong Kong Indigitous planning team for planning such an effective conference.   I’d like to brainstorm about what the church can do to connect with visual and kinesthetic learners… What are your ideas?

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2 thoughts on “Why Indigitous Hong Kong Was Remarkable

  1. Great article Paul. I think you know me well enough to know this is exactly where I live too. Learning by doing! In fact, this is something I am trying to set up in China now too. Let’s keep DOING……

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