One Way Ministries produced a beautiful PRAYERCAST for Japan video. Please watch, pray, and share this valuable resource!

Several years ago Elizabeth Lind from One Way Ministries reached out to me and asked for help with a “prayercast” video on Japan. I was happy to consult on the video and connect a couple of people with Elizabeth who could help with the production. Recently, I finally got to meet her at the One Way Ministries office near Chicago. I was impressed with the warmth and dedication of Elizabeth and her colleagues. They have a good vision and I really appreciate the excellent work they did on the Japan video. I am so pleased to share the One Way Ministries PRAYERCAST for Japan.

The vision of PRAYERCAST: “Activating world changing prayer for the lost”

For many more Prayercast videos on other nations go to: INTERACTIVE WORLD MAP

Encouraging prayer for Japan is important… Please share this post!


5 thoughts on “PRAYERCAST for JAPAN Video

  1. hey! So touched. and feel embraced in your love.are we talking about manga. i really want to feel the love and encounter with the living God! i had a big accident, which almost lost my life. 2015.

    i was on the verge to see my dear girlfriend, that faithful day. broke loose. my whole family was is chaos. i was on my prime being a super star being a rugby captain in Singapore’s glory. aiya. long story short. i was a slow learner needed to help those in need. i was in ICU when everything went haywire. i lost my blood on my brain. 1/3 of it is lost. my English, Math. Science, Chinese, all lost. only my art can survive. which is what i am doing now. haha

    i needed therapy and had to learn how to walk. and thought that my art can be a vegetable. lo and behold this is not the case! God has given hope and to struggle. i know my difficulty and wants. may God give me grace! please respond 😛

    im working currently at dormitory, happy with what i have. but i really want a lot more. pray for u and me.

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