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Responding to Kumamoto Quake Disaster in Japan: 3 Ways to Help

On April 17, 2016 CRASH Founder Jonathan Wilson posted the following update: My advice for Christians who want to help. Wait for the rescue work to finish, let the military and government do their jobs, and aim for the next part of the task. There are three main roles that volunteers can do well. 1. Cleaning up – there will be a lot of clean up work to do that requires manual labor. Work with local churches to volunteer to […]

Landslides in Hiroshima: An Interview with Jonathan Wilson

This week’s post is an interview with Jonathan Wilson, President and founder of CRASH Japan. A Tokyo based NPO, CRASH equips and prepares churches and missions to be ready to respond effectively when disaster strikes. When disasters happen, CRASH mobilizes Christian volunteers to work with churches and other local ministries. I’ve known Jonathan for many years and have a deep appreciation for his vision and leadership. The huge disaster that hit Japan in March, 2011 gave opportunity to work directly under […]

A Volunteer in Japan Realizes “Small Things” Matter

After Japan’s massive earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster in 2011 Alecia Talent was one of thousands of Christians who responded by volunteering. I asked Alecia to write about her experience for JapanCAN.   We often have little patience for the small things of life. The birds singing, the smile of a stranger, a conversation…these happen everyday, uncelebrated, unnoticed. The larger things, the great exploits of man and nature are what command our attention and fill our late night aspirations. We spend every day learning about […]