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Why Indigitous Hong Kong Was Remarkable

The vision of the Indigitous movement is to connect people to Jesus using digital strategies. In April I attended Indigitous in Hong Kong where I gave a short presentation. I had a really good time at this conference, below I reflect on why I enjoyed it so much.  Attending meetings is part of my work as a missionary. Unfortunately, a majority of church and mission related meetings are lectures. The reality is that I get almost nothing out of meetings like […]

Digital Strategies of Outreach: Two Questions

The goal of the Indigitous conference in Hong Kong (April 10 – 12) is to, “Collaborate with other creatives to share, inspire, and create digital strategies to help reach your world.” I’ll be there to do a TED style presentation. The presentation I’ve prepared is, “An Incarnational Paradigm.” To help me understand the issues better I would really like to have your input on a couple of questions. First question: I’ve heard some Christians have no use for digital strategies […]