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Why Are So Many Christians Afraid of Hollywood Bible Movies?

This year two Hollywood films — “Noah” and “Exodus:Gods and Kings” — will expose millions of people around the world to stories inspired by the Bible. How will we respond?  What do you think about Cole Nesmith’s perspective as expressed in his article, “Why Are So Many Christians Afraid of Hollywood Bible Movies?” Please post your comments! Related post:3 REASONS JAPANESE SHOULD SEE ARONOFSKY’S “NOAH”

3 Reasons Japanese Should See Aronofsky’s “Noah”

“Noah” will be released in Japan on June 13, 2014 Controversy has swirled around the “Noah” epic with many Christians denouncing it. While the film takes liberties, there is good reason to take your Japanese friends to see it. 1. “Noah” includes one of the best portrayals of the creation story on film. Years ago retired TEAM missionary John Schwab said to me, “when you teach Japanese the Bible, start in Genesis!!” This makes perfect sense as Genesis is the […]