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Responding to Kumamoto Quake Disaster in Japan: 3 Ways to Help

On April 17, 2016 CRASH Founder Jonathan Wilson posted the following update: My advice for Christians who want to help. Wait for the rescue work to finish, let the military and government do their jobs, and aim for the next part of the task. There are three main roles that volunteers can do well. 1. Cleaning up – there will be a lot of clean up work to do that requires manual labor. Work with local churches to volunteer to […]

Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Disaster: How Can I Help?

A major disaster like Typhoon Haiyan is an opportunity to respond with compassion to people in desperate need. There are two primary ways to help, go as a volunteer or send money to aid organizations so they can act on our behalf. Few of us can go to the Philippines as volunteers. Most of us can send money. Please consider supporting the Philippines at this time. The need is huge. “Could you send me some good group to give to~ […]