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Desire for Redemption Driving up Japan’s Suicide Rate?

The tragic death of Robin Williams has millions of people around the world thinking about suicide. Japan’s suicide rate is… among the highest in the world. There have been about 30,000 suicides in the country every year over the last decade (Wall Street Journal).  Several Japanese friends of mine are living with the intense grief, guilt, and shame that plagues survivors of suicide. The large number of suicides in Japan is a personal and a national tragedy. The Wall Street Journal […]

What Can We Do About Japan’s Suicide Problem?

Suicide has deeply affected me and my family… When my father was a young man his beloved Uncle killed himself. The death of my dad’s Uncle was a heavy blow to my dad and to the rest of the family. Forty years later I spent many hours talking about what happened with my dad. My dad was finally ready to talk. It was a special time of connecting with him and incredibly good for both of us. A few years […]