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While in Tokyo last summer I had the privilege of recording the 1st episode of The Missionary Podcast (TMP).

Founded by Jonas Davison, TMP is “a space for missionaries to share their stories of God’s work, and connect with Christians all over the world.” I was impressed with Davison. He came to the interview well-prepared, asked great questions, and used quality recording equipment that he knows how to operate.

Davison saw a need and responded, “After several years of working closely with missionaries in Japan, I saw a need and opportunity to create a platform for people to hear what’s happening at the frontier of the Gospel’s reach. My hope is that TMP will inspire Christians at home to throw off their comfort and go to the nations, or give generously in support to those who do. Because those are our only options if we are to obey Jesus and usher in His return. Our goal is to help missionaries connect to a larger audience, and to inspire faithful Christians at home to seek out opportunities to pray and serve and give support to those on the frontier.”

Link to the first TMP podcast:

01 Japan: Paul Nethercott

In this podcast I talk about contextualization of the Gospel in Japan, making films, and what it takes to be an effective missionary to Japan.

It is good to see that Jonas and his team recently posted Episode 11 on TMP.  If you like what they are doing, please take a few moments to let them know by leaving a comment here on JapanCAN or on the TMP home page — It means a lot to hear from you.


Warmly, Paul Nethercott

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